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Wisdom and Truth #47
If we give warmth, we do not end up feeling cold.
Warmth breeds warmth!
Love produces love!
What we sow we will reap.
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Believing Is Seeing

Sat 13th May 2017

When we accept words, the meaning of the words and the related beliefs affect our emotions and our body chemistry. If I believe I am stupid, based on life's events and people's opinions, then I will feel bad, even if it is not true.  If I believe I am competent and intelligent, then I will feel good and so will my body. Positive words produce positive emotions, which produce positive chemistry in one's body. Unfortunately 99.9% of the words that we have in our head come from other people. Our beliefs are shaped by those around us, and often those words are negative. 
My mission is to help people write their "True Self Story" based on words that are true, rather than relying on other people's words. When a person knows the words that describe his/her True Self , then they can use those words which will in turn develop the neural pathways that enable the story to physically be there in the brain. When a person accepts and believes the "words" that truthfully describe their "Self", then that belief helps them to see the world through that lens. Believing is seeing. We need to believe our truth and then we will see it.  

Mission Trip to Medellin and Armenia, Colombia

Tue 17th Jan 2017

Martha and I have been invited by Carmen Gallego to teach Christ-Centered Inner Healing to groups in Medellin and Armenia. The conference in Medellin will start on Friday, February 24th for three days, and the conference in Armenia will be one day in the following week. The goal is to revitalize the work that we did 15 years ago in Medellin and to share insights from my new book "Broken Hearts and Wounded Souls," which has been translated into Spanish. 

Mission Trip To Gran Canaria and Madrid, Spain

Thu 24th Nov 2016

Martha and I just returned from three conferences in Spain. I was teaching about Christ Centred Inner Healing and also counselling leaders and attendees. We were treated like family. Carmen Gallego, our leader, organized three amazing events and we felt blessed to be invited to teach, and with Carmen's translating, counsel. I love sharing the Good News that Jesus's Truth sets us free. My book "Broken Hearts and Wounded Souls" was translated into Spanish and made available to each participant, once again thanks to Carmen. Deene and Phil Webb also translated and taught from their 30 years of experience in Medellin, Colombia. Martha and I were blessed by the experience.

Broken Hearts and Wounded Souls - Four Ways To Heal

Thu 24th Nov 2016
You can now purchase my new book "Broken Hearts and Wounded Souls" by going to, books and type in that title. This book will help you understand how the mind works and how it can be positively transformed. Happy reading.
Alf Davis RP, DCC, M.Div., RMFT, MBA

Conflict Free

Sun 20th Sep 2015

Have you ever wondered if there is such a place where conflict does not exist? I believe that place exists and it is in the Godhead. Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit don't fight with each other. They have perfect communication in perfect love. Think about that. No fighting! No conflict! No condemnation!. Instead there is peace, joy and abundant love. You get a glimpse of that state in Genesis when Adam and Eve live peacefully with God. Then they ate from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and everything changed. If we can know God and the love that flows from the Godhead, we too can be conflict free.
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